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Monday, February 22, 2010

As my title suggests, I would like to blog about growth :)

I am waiting for a small young boy to grow up,to be matured,to behave like an adult and have an intelligent mindset.

I hope he grows quickly,into a man who can give me a sense if security,a big brother who can lead his siblings to learn what is right and wrong,to be a matured son,sharing the burden of every family matter,doing what expresses filial piety to them.I hope he grows into a matured man,a boyfriend who knows hot to take the initiative,and not someone whom needs me to nag and teach.

Learn how to express yourself.
Take the initiative to be the man of the relationship.

I am older than you by only a year,does it separates us tt badly?
I don't think so.

I believe in you,I love you and I know you will mature gradually.
The point is do you believe in yourself?

Stop living in your "I am a prince" world and wake up to this realistic world.

I believe that I am much more mature than you due to the fact that I have been through much much more than you do. You've led a blessed life the past 19years. Now,it is time to step into adulthood and grow up.

Be wise,be smart and be my man :)

I cannot rely on a boy now,I need a man.
& a relationship will not blossom to its pinnacle when I feel like the man of the relationship.

1year & 5months on this road w you.
We've seen the rainbow and we've walked through the floods.
Some people curse us,others bless us.
But we just have to look into each other's eyes and we'll know what's gng on between us.

Fingers crossed. Promise made.
Let's continue walking and GROWING up together on this road of ours :)

And on a lighter note,I tried to pose like a model in my Lunar New Year's dress.
And yes,as the photos suggests, I did a bad job :X I couldn't stop sniffling a giggle :D :D :D

Of cos I gave up in the end :/ So much for thoughts of being a model. I have no pretty face and no height. I must be kidding me.


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