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Monday, January 11, 2010

Received my O level results today.
Congratulations to all who did well & may your journey to your desired polytechnic be an awesome one !
Seriously,I don't know whether to be happy or upset.
There was only one person who got a distinction in English,and it was me.
However,the rest sucked.
I was really upset but I tried to put up a front,pretending I was expecting those pathetic results.
But few knew I was on the verge of crying.
The worse that could happen was that people came asking me why I did so well for my N levels but so badly for my O levels.
Does anyone of you knew what I had to go through in 2009 ?
No one really knew what I went through all my life. Would people want to know?
If I wrote a book about my past,would anyone want to read about it ?

Okay,I digressed there..
Here are my results :
English Language A2.
Chinese B3 (retake also no difference -.-)
Mathematics D7
Combined Humanities C6
Science F9
Art D7
Chinese Oral Distinction.

I seriously cannot believe that I got D7 for my art. I spent so much time in school doing so much for my Art and this was the pathetic result I received?

I tried my best for O levels,I really did.
I studied day in & out.
I am flabbergasted. Totally lost for words.

Right now,I have to make a choice.

  1. Higher Nitec
  2. Polytechnic- but take up a course which I am not interested in.
  3. Repeat O levels.
  4. Private Diploma.
  5. Give up studying.
I failed my Science & Maths.Therfore,I cannot qualify for much courses. Pathetic right ?

These are the only courses I am qualified for.
  • Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Digital Animation
  • Digital Visual Effects
  • Experience & Product Design
  • Flim,Sound & Video
  • Interior Design
  • Visual Effects & Motion graphics

And that's about it :(
The rest are all business & accounting courses for Higher Nitec.
I may qualify for those Poly courses but that does not mean that I can get into them.

Kill me now :(

Kaplan or Psb ?


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