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Monday, January 18, 2010

Jiayang - I got no choice. I am just too famous :D People want me to help advertise their names on my blog :)

Nadya - Yeah! I read your love story already !! :) Hope we win !

Aloysius - Those people are too free. They sit behind the computer whole day wondering who can give them unconditional attention. Unlike us,where we are so busy with the good things in life. They have nothing good. That's the problem. Do pity them :)

Zamiel - Yeah! I agree with you.

Kathy - Hahas! Sister Meow rocks ! :D

Claris - Hahas! Super powerful langauge he has there huh!

Hey all,
Thanks for standing up for me against those idiots.

I would like to ask if you readers would also support me if I am able to publish my book.
Would I have your utmost support and would you guys help me promote it ?

Do let me know !

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