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New phone.
Friday, January 22, 2010


I am so sorry.
I was too lazy to update about my N Level and O Level Artwork last night.
Was busy eating :D
Had a really full dinner & ate dessert that James' daddy bought.
Was so full that I couldn't even move my butt.

Oh yeah! I won $20 changi airport vouchers from Contest Junkie !
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Am wishing that I am a rich girl. I so wanna get a new phone now! Although my Baby SE W595 is alright, just a few scratches here and there, but I am getting a little bored of it :( It is quite a good phone actually. I can call,text,video call,listen to songs and lastly, cam-whore! 3.2 megapixels does not make my photos any uglier either. I thought of getting a Blackberry Bold 7900. I think it is damn chio can! An Iphone is okay, but I think is getting a little too common. I can only day dream and save up for a Blackberry baby. For now, I will hold on to my precious W595 and protect it from further harm(whichis quite difficult as I am a clumsy ass).
I am supposingly supposed to be tele-marketing right now for the NESTLE project but it is Ferlyn the buttock's turn. Hahas!
Oh yeah, gave Bestie Elaine a surprise on her actual 21st birthday on Wednesday night. She thought I was avoiding her and so was Chanel & Geraldine. Her big sis us into her house and we ran into her room to give her a huge surprise. She was over the moon!! :) I did not took a lot of photos that day, I was really tired and lazy. James' mummy was at TTSH having an operation, so me & Eugene were there to take care of her. You may look at those photos on my FB!

Chanel is very good at balancing the cake!

I know this looks really ghastly but I edited it so that thestupid acne on my nose is not visible.I am fidgeting with this cute little lenovo lappy. It is really compact and portable y'know ? And it belongs to my boss. Guffaws! He says it is of no use to him as the screen is too small. Rich talk from Rich man. Somebody tell him to give this to me :D

Ferlyn is so hardworking! :) She has a laughing disorder and she laughs too easily! If she is halfway through a tele-conversation with a customer and I just sniffle a grin, she'll hang up the call (YES! HANG UP!) and than laugh with me cos she can't control her funny bone. Very cute friend I have right?

I am tired of blogging already. I actually took 4 hours to get this post done. I am getting old.

Oh yeah, did I tell you that I am a contest addict? I love contests ! I think I am going to be a very kiasu aunty in the future !
Let's end this post w a photo of 2 very gorgeous babes.

Yes,I know I look fugly and my face is v fat.
But who cares ? :D

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