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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I got my posting results from MOE today. Gosh!~
How early can they be?
Spreading bad news to people at like 6am in the morning! They must be insane.
Well alright, the bad news was only for me (& maybe some others too).
Guess what that wonderful message from MOE said.
I was posted to ITE Bishan, Events Management.


I know I did apply for it, but I still had that glimmer of hope to step into a decent polytechnic.
Any will do. But I guess I still couldn't make it.
I called all the polytechnics to ask them how to appeal and I logged in to the JAE 2010 appeal portal.
But fml, guess what?!?!?!

I couldn't even appeal for any courses in any polytechnics.
Some of the courses, I met the cut off points but not the minimum entry requirements.
Others were the other way round.

It's a sad sad situation :(

I was pretty upset in the morning but I guess somehow, I will have to get over it.
Damien told me something which really cheered me up.

When God says NO to something, he is probably saying YES to something better :)

I still owe my readers my promised artwork post.
Am so lazy recently.

It is gonna be a busy week!
Boyfr is training for his fight on the 31st everyday.
I am preparing for the bbq/picnic on Saturday.

Hope this week ends well!

P.S : I think I am going to pursue Private Diploma in Kaplan. But I need to get a student loan from POSB.
Wished they could reply my e-mail query asap.

P.S.S: I am going to study and work at the same time :/ Can I make it ?

Lord, give me strength.

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Oh yeah, speaking of V-day,what should I get for him?

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