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Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Brought the little kids out last Saturday to celebrate Russel's belated birthday.
Reached Amk Hub & the queue was mad long.
Headed to Cineleisure instead.
Had Pastamania and than went to shop around.
Watched "Alvin & the Chipmunks" at 6pm.

It was a fabulous show tt made people HAPPY! :)
Went for "Flea Titan" @ The flyer.
Bought only a skirt and a shorts.
There weren't much tt caught my eyes & also,I reached thr real late :X

I am blogging now only because I am waiting for Episode 10 of Hi My Sweetheart to load!! :D

Baby is at Asfitness having his muay thai training.

YES,my boyfriend is obsessed w Muay Thai.
Still, I'm gonna be supportive and my dear friends gotta endure w my grumblings! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Work is getting a little stressful.
So am I ! Because I heard that Olevelers are going to get results NEXT week!
Ain't it like too crazily fast?
Oh my Faints ~ I am missing school life.
Everyday I aboard the super crowded bus to work & see all the students in school uniform and I realise I am just growing up too fast.

Have lost all my innocence & youth. LOL!

Being 20 sounds elderly to me.

Here are the shots taken last Saturday:

Muay thai obsessed freak & his amazing supportive girlfriend(PRETTY too!)

BTT tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am very nervous !

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