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Excuse me ?!
Thursday, January 14, 2010


May I know what is your problem?

I don't even understand your effort in trying to convey a msg to me through my tagboard please.

Let me copy and paste here what you tagged :

justice: u chinese confirm chinese distinction what! what the hell. - if u delete this u are loser.

P.S : English lessons needed to improve on your vocabulary and grammar. I can give you free lessons since you're so language malnourished.

Are you blind ? Since when did I get distinction for my Chinese? Your comment has totally no link to my recent post. I seriously think you need a new pair of spectacles or something.

Fyi,I am a chinese so confirm chinese distinction? -.- But the actual fact is that my English is the one with distinction,so means I am an "American"? an "Australian"?

I do not understand what is the point of your pathetic attempt trying to create an interference here.

It sucked.

So the way you link things is that those with moustache are your dads? Those with curly hair are your moms?

Justice,you are severely lacked of some common sense.

And you could leave your real name actually,because you are doing INJUSTICE to your parents by not acknowledging your name.

"If you delete this,you are a loser"


You sound like a 3 year old.

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