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Monday, December 07, 2009


Life ain't good recently.
I am sorry for making my church friends worried but I have my own difficulties;It is hard for me to share what is going wrong at the moment.

I believe through all this,I have become very much stronger.
Stronger in a sense that although I feel vulnerable & fragile,I don't break down.
I keep everything inside and try to ease along with what life hits me with.
It is really really hard,& I hope I will keep shining.

I have secluded myself to working,working really hard.
I know that by working,I can numb & distract myself leaving myself with no time to cry.

I am thankful for James' parents for allowing me a roof over my head.
I can never ask for more wonderful people in my life.
With people always around me,like James' sister who is standing beside me now,dancing Hi-5 songs with her,stepping on her foot,playing reversi & all sorts of other nonsense,I can distract myself from my super melodramatic life.

I see people more clearly now,I see through them.
I know who has different motives & who does not.

Without Boyfr by my side for me to lean on,I learn to be strong.
I wished that I could always be this independent.
I hoped that I do not have to struggle with tears whenever something jumps in my way.

Recently,I felt really unhappy over something.
I was very upset w some idiots that left comments on my tag-board.
I wanted so much to share my unhappiness with someone whom I label my BEST friend.
However,when I met up with her the next day,I did not say a word.
She kept on talking about how unhappy she was over some guy & she never asked me anything about the incident.
Nothing,not a word.
She was never this way.
She was never this worked up over any guy that she could completely immerse herself in anger forgetting me.
At that moment,I was thinking.

How can I really rely on people around me?
Are they really reliable?

At least I know and am content that my bestie has Ger Ger to accompany her for everything,to go clubbing,to go for dinner,to hang around.

I can't.

I don't have the cash,neither do I have the ability.
I am always so tired after work.

:) I am working really really hard now,to secure a good future for myself and people who truly care for me.

My Mom has flown to Hong Kong & disappeared into thin air.

Dinner and dance on 23rd :/ I am NOT looking forward to it.

Till then,
What greater thing is there for two human souls that to feel that they are joined... to strengthen each other... to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories.

Behind the glamour.

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