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Should Misery Be Condemned?
Friday, December 11, 2009

When something horrible happens to a normal person,they will freak out & thn scurry to find a solution.
I have grown so tired that right now,I feel like just pretending to the whole world that I am fine,I am alright,I am the strongest girl you all ever know.
I will just keep smiling,not showing any signs of falling.
I felt so much like crying today,really.
The tears just won't flow.
I do not understand why this is happening.
Is my cynical self returning again ?
It really hurts deep down.
I feel useless not being able to do anything about the situation happening in my family.
Those ruthless loanshark runners,even if you wish to earn some extra cash,do give some leeway,can't you?
Those inhumane acts are ridiculous.
Get a decent job & stop trying to show that you are artistic.

I really am breaking down under pressure,just not literally.

I wish I was the emotional me once again,
I wish I was able to cry my heart out to someone.

But Boyfr is not here.
I do not have my pillar of strength here,for me to have a shoulder to lean on.
A pair of ears to listen to my ranting.
I know it sucks to secretly wish that Boyfr would come bk early but there is no wrong in harbouring selfish thoughts.
It wouldn't happen anyway.

I feel that there is no point in saying so much.

Bestie & GerGer,I know tt you both are concerned about me & wants to meet me up to chill.
However tonight,I am so unhappy that I do not even feel like opening my mouth to talk.

I know I have this "BEAT ME PLS" face right now or in Hokkien,"KIAM PA"

Whatever,I don't give a damn.

I'd trade anything just for every little problem in my life to be solved.I feel that I need seclusion from the whole world right now.

JUST leave me alone.

Behind the glamour.

Who says a wayward kid will stay wayward forever? ™
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