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Monday, December 21, 2009

As you all know,I am currently working and I realized I never much talked or even introduced what my job is about.
So here goes,

I work as a Customer Service officer cum Data Processor plus Telemarketer.

You must be thinking,"WA,BAO KA LIAO UH?"

Yeah,sort of actually.It's not a very difficult job but the people there and customers can get really cranky at times.
Like what everyone thinks about office job,it is really political there.
But I just run along and do my job,do what I should do.
Recently,I've been a little slack as there aren't many phone calls to pick up or faxes to process,I blog-hop and read interesting posts on Xiaxue's blog.
It was mundane but like I say,with Ferlyn's laughing disorder,time do flies quick.
My boss is a real nice guy and he loves to cook.
Lunch everyday is prepared by him you know?
He is rather fatherly and a very kind guy at heart,just awesome!
Lady boss is a tad fierce though.

Shall divulge more next time.
I need to go web cam w my Baby now.
15 minutes more and he is going to koons!

Oh yeah,and the reason why I decided to blog habitually is because I found out from nuffnang that people from USA,India and Japan actually viewed my blog!
2% from each of those countries.
If you ever drop by my blog,do leave a tag!
At least I know people are reading,it's a nice thought ^^


Mega Macspicy !

Yes,I am a big eater(even though I am a little petite girl who looks somehow anorexic) and a normal Macspicy ain't enough for me :X

I love food!

I sound like a glutton now~

That's the entrance to my office :)

And that is me & Ferlyn's secret hideaway at the smoking area.
When we get too bored or too caught up w work,we come here to take a breather.

My desk again.
Spot the piglet! Baby bought it for me.

Wan Er & Hui Qi, my good friends and colleagues too !
They're scanning some documents.

Abstract view of part of my office.

Now it looks better! (& cuter too!)

I was trying to take a photo while eating the chips but the photo turned out funny.
I look like I am trying to floss my teeth with the chips x)

My tapioca chips :D

Family member's photo.

Me & Baby's photo.

This is a photo of my desk in my office.

Lastly,I was greatly upset by what I heard from this Channel 8 episode of Life Transformers 2.
Today's episode portrayed a family whereby the mother had asthma,the father had diabetes,high cholesterol and you name it. They are not young and have two 30+ year old sons who are mentally disabled.
Due to their disabilities and their straining medical bills, they owed a huge amount of rent to HDB.
So,the mother had to go to HDB to seek help.
They are labelled as the welfare department but the people(whoever that retorted the poor mother was a sucky unsympathetic bitch) working there are real ruthless.
They seek help and the only reply they received was this :


I mean like WTF!
You work in the welfare department and this is how you talk to people who needs help?
Did you even stand in their shoes?
HELLO! They have 2 disabled sons for goodness sake!
How can you all even allow yourself to speak those words to the less fortunate?

Whenever I watch shows like this,I never fail to realize how fortunate I am.

My biological father no longer acknowledges me as a daughter(I haven't seen him for ions!)
My step-father was a piece of jerk meat.
My mother surrounds her world around her oh-so-wonderful(not) boyfriend.
I worry for my grandma each and every day.
I have so many nerve wrecking problems that I don't know how to solve and I always feel like I am going to die from all the endless troubles.

People who are close to me knows how melodramatic and chaotic my life is.

However, I am still much more fortunate than others :)

Wei Xiang texted me something about being a volunteer,I am so interested about it!
Cannot wait to hear more about it!

I am starting my countdown already!

10 more days till I get to hold Baby's rough Muay Thai hands!
10 more days till I get the $$ka-chiingg from work!
10 more days to 2010!
4 more days to Xmas!


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