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Saturday, December 19, 2009

I suddenly have the desire to blog habitually.
I really envy those people who can blog without fail every SINGLE day.
I always failed to do that, succumbing to my sloth.

And yes,like what the title initiates,I have some issues here- so I am blogging.


I just wanna dedicate this section to my Baby.
It's our 1 year & 3months anniversary today.
You're in another country but it's alright,I think I'm accustomed to the fact of not having you around ( no sarcasm intended :D )
Of cause I cannot wait for your return ! (12 more days!!)
Buy me gifts alright and I want an "Euphoria" perfume from Duty Free!

Lastly,I am glad you are in my life!

"The words "I love you" are not for anyone to say from their mouth to their beloved one. It's a feeling that you can whisper to each other from heart-to-heart without saying it aloud."


And I am going to be really tired for this whole week.
I've gotta work my ass off on Monday,Tuesday & Wednesday.
And after work on Wednesday,I've got a company annual dinner (Xmas celebration) right after work at Iluma,Seven.
I know it sounds really cool but I really don't know if I am looking forward to it.
(more abt this later on)
On Xmas Eve and Xmas day itself,I'm gonna be hanging out w Bestie & Ger.
I think we're gonna be cooking up a feast(hopefully) @ her place.
And after Christmas day,I am going to bring my little brother Russel out together w Julian for Russel'd birthday celebration( I haven't thought of what to do yet!).

It is going to be a busy & tiring week!

Yesterday and today,I had to do stock-taking for my company.
It is damn super duper shittily tiring I tell you.
The warehouse is humongous and we had to count every crap tt was in there.
I swear I nearly fainted several times.
We counted the stocks till 840pm last night.
I went home,stayed up till 12midnight to wish Baby Happy Anni bt received no reply. How nice ~
Anyway,we had reach office by 8am today -.-

WTF right.

Yes,I totally agree. Cos R provided breakfast but it was really hilarious as the "awesome" breakfast was just soon "Soon Kuehs" or "Peng Kuehs" or whatnots. I am not being fussy but SHINGzzzx we have to be there that early for that???
I am very sure the coffee shop across the road sells that.
So after breakfast,we proceeded to very dusty and dirty and humid warehouse and started counting & pasting.
But I got irritated with CML real bad!
She really got on my raw nerves today,bossing everyone around like some shitass Boss when she is totally not.
She's just th lady boss of some stationery shop located at a place full of maids(smart people will know what I'm saying)
You go around bossing people,threatening people and practically shoving work up our noses as if we were iron women and iron men.
Totally off the hook.
The shittiest thing was that you didn't do a shit.
Yes,nothing at all.
All you did was bark your orders like some mad bitch.
I am totally miffed by your actions and I do not think you deserve my respect.
Not all all.

Speaking of mad...

I had 2 mysterious incidents today.
The first one was on my way to work,I was in Bus 25 or 55 ?
Whichever luh.
I board the bus and sat on the 3rd seat on the left.
There was a Chinese middle aged lady seated behind the driver,hair messed up,looking a little hysterical.

She was blabbering some nonsense to the man seated behind her which I did not bother to listen as I wasn't interested.The man was not giving her any attention so I thought it was weird.
Were they a couple who was having a tiff?
Instantly,she turned to look at me and started SCOLDING ME -.-
It's like OMGWFBBQANGRY la !
I mean I was srsly thinking what the hell was wrong w her.

Was she crazy? And you bet she was!!
She scolded and scolded for all she wanted and I just stared at her blankly.
She stared at the man than at me and scolded far too many craps.

Stuffs like this,

"So old already still find so young and pretty girl for what.You old alrdy she also won't wipe your backside for you. In the end also I wipe for you."

She clearly thought I stole her husband or something.
The guy got irritated and left his seat.
I continued to stare at her,another malay man came aboard and sat at the previous guy's place.

She started her weird nonsense all over agn.
Now,she claimed that I was her daughters and she asked the guy why he wan her to give birth to so many.Pregnant once,twice and a hundred times.
She gave me that menacing stare for the whole journey and totally scolded me non-stop.I was furious of cause and even took a video of her.
I intended to post it here but after some serious thoughts,I realised she must have been dumped by her husband or he cheated or she realised her boyfriend was a married man or whatnot.
I pitied her and pushed the anger away.


And I went grocery shopping w Baby's parents at Bedok Sheng Siong just now.
Tried Philiphines' "La La" and it was awesome!
Anyway,a little boy punched me in the ribs just now,.for no particular reason lor!
He even gave me that "NOT HAPPY COME" look after punching me.

I really feel so offended today but I didn't throw a tantrum.

God,you win. My patience have been molded positively.

And lastly,

Time flies so fast at work cos of Ferlyn's laughing disorder.
She makes my day with her rubbish la!

( Buddy Ferlyn ^^ )

And I am effing tired if you must know.

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