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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Hello Mr/Ms Pb,

Whatever you've heard from Vincent Chin,it is up to you to believe it or not. FYI,a puss is a cat(read MEOW) & I do not own one. If you are talking abt that private area,it is spelled as VAGINA,or if people like to call it,it's PUSSY. Do you need me to buy a dictionary for you? I guess you will have a lot of time to study it since you spend your time stalking my blog & posting your comments :) I think it is none of your business whether it smells or not but if you want a whiff of it,get it from my sanitary pad after I dump it away.Also,I am not very close w the guy you mention. He is the EX boyfriend and that is it. I am not very much acquainted w him. Oh,do you know what tt means? If you don't,I will get tt dictionary for you as soon as possible. If there are really rumors being spread about me,I feel rly honored to be someone whom ppl is talking about,remembering me,how thoughtful is that,Awwww :)I have answered both your questions now. It would be polite enough to let me know your name rather than hiding behind a screen and labeling yourself as "PB". Your parents gave you a name for a reason,so that people could acknowledge you as a person.Why take away tt privilege?

Thank you for taking the time to leave your inquiries here.
Feel free to ease your puzzled mind anytime.
I am willing to find,I repeat,find some time to take you out on a leash.
Take good care! :)

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