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Brown nails.
Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No photos taken today.
Am feeling sleepy already so I shall be really straightforward today and post a really short and sweet one.

Work was mundane.
There was nothing much to do.
I practically froze at my office desk blog-shopping and fb-ing.
And I kept eating chips.
DARN IT,people are saying that I am getting fat.
Boss says its cos I am well taken care of under his care.
By saying that,he means I am well-fed by him(as you already know,he cooks lunch for us)

I shan't worry much cos there is no way I can stop eating.
Like what Junhao said :" FAT IS THE NEW STYLE "

I realized there are a lot of hypocrites over at my workplace but I'm not bothered by any.
Maybe they are used to faking the big O for the husbands every night? :X
Okay,I was really mean I know but hey,freedom of speech right?!

So tomorrow,is my company's ANNUAL DINNER & DANCE @ Iluma,Seven.
Food will be prepared by Mediacorp chef Daniel.

I am gonna doll up for tomorrow,for no one but myself :D
And yes,like what the title initiates,I painted my nails brown.
And I think they look pretty SEXAY !
Am too lazy to take a photo of it but just imagine it as a SEXAY brown tone.

I wonder if my Lady Gaga bow will work on my hair tomorrow.
Pray damn hard uh!

Bird Bird,don't fret over yr sis's PMS okay.
Girls,including me are all monsters during PMS.

And I am PMS-ing now.


I hate the cramps every month,they kill.
I wished guys could understand the feeling.
My boyfr always asks me whether it is that exaggerating and all girls say it out loud w me " OF COS IT IS!"

I wished I could kick some guy's balls every month.
Than,they would know how horrible those cramps are :)

Shall tk lots of photos tmr !!

I'm not EMO :D

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