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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

P.S: I bought this !! Is it suitable for me? I may video down the process tomorrow x)

Hello peoples,

Tomorrow is the final paper for O's (:

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee & WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!

It is like finally over,FINALLY!

The Chinese paper was alright today. I hope I can get that A1 !

I just don't know why the timing for tomorrow's paper is so retarded.

It's our last day & yet they schedule the time for the science paper at 2pm !

They should schedule it at 8am so we have a whole day to enjoy !!

Boyfr & Samuel Ng is going to try reverse bungee tomorrow >.<

And some of our classmates are gonna have a K-session.

Oh man,I am spending money as though I am drinking water :/

Some weird evil woman did not give me my pay for giving her son tuiton.

But it's okay. I will not bear grudges.

She actually blames me for the average results that her son received.

Can you believe that she actually goes to the extent of calling up her son's previous tutors to SCOLD them because of her son's barely there results?

And her son had like 5 previous tutors before me :\

She did not reprimand me straight to the face though.

She just kept proclaiming out loud that I am useless indirectly -.-

Her sarcasm towards me is just so obvious but I am playing stupid-acting like I can't get her drift.

I just prefer not to care.

I know that she just wants me & my Mom out of her house.

Calling me useless is okay,but she even went to scold my Mom too.

That's totally overboard.

She claims we live in her house and are useless beings cos we do nothing to help.

I think she is outta her mind.

So the times I sacrificed my time during my OLEVELS to give tution to her son was nothing?

My mom does the housework everyday & that is nothing?

Me and my Mom pays for the utitlities bill and that is considered nothing?

Yes,we are homeless but that does not mean that you have the rights to treat us like we owe you a living because we will find a place to stay-and it will definitely never be yours.

Do not come reprimanding me just because I am having my dinner and I did not pick up your call.

That is so unreasonable.

You said your son could be left alone at home.

And than when me & my Mom left home,you scolded us and judged us saying that we only know how to go DATING -.-

We are not desperate to date.

I know that you are filthy rich but excuse me,I need to study & work too.

Just because you're heartbroken that your son could not heat up his food as he did not know how to use the microwave?

We deserve a little respect okay.

You was the woman who put me into Girls' Home.

You told the police to come and arrest me.

You rejected the police when they said we should settle it as a family matter.

You said you want to charge me to court even when my late grandpa begged you

He BEGGED you.

Only when you rejected him did he said he wants to charge you to court too as his 16k was with you.

You swindler.

How could you do this to my late grandpa and than shed crocodile tears at his funeral?

My mom ain't a good example to me but you are no better.

I know I am objective and subjective at times.
However,I know who is those evil ones around me.
This is my freedom of speech.
I am waiting for Boyfr to return from his jog with Hab Chong,Bao Cheng and Benjamin.
Starving now !
Till then.

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