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Friday, November 13, 2009

School days & daze are over and right now,I have so much more time to be online and actually update my blog.
Is that a good thing?
I may be going for a job interview tomorrow with Wan Er & Hui Qi.
I do hope I can get the job.
Am actually excited to work.
Gotta feed myself somehow :)
Mom told me today she is planning to get a 1 room flat.
I cannot wait to actually have a house,a place where I can call my own.
Regardless of the size,I just wanna be able to live somewhere I can call HOME.
I will share the burden of paying the monthly payment through CPF.
Am elated that I could actually find an office job.
It's gonna be a real eye-opener for me.

School's out,Fun's in !

Headed to Ikea with Baby today.
It was a random suggestion and we went ahead with it.
Saw Keting and Yufen on their way to Changi Airport for their job interviews.
Congrats on being shortlisted btw ^^
Anyway,we had an awesome lunch at Ikea.
The cold water prawns were nice,the chicken wings were amazing and meatballs were awesome!
Can't wait to eat there again.
Thanks to the recommendation from Huifen.
Hotdogs at Ikea were not only cheap but fabulous !

Boyfr downloaded Warcraft 3/D.O.T.A into his laptop.
Now he is engrossed in it !!

Night world !

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