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Hair Dye
Saturday, November 07, 2009

Hello lovelys <3

I am such a contradicting person sometimes.
When I am busy,I feel like updating my blog.
BUT! When I am finally free from the O monster (Well,almost..Just 2 more papers)
I am too lazy to update. Somebody please kill me.
I am always overcomed by sloth :X

Anyway,I would like my readers to let me know which hair color suits me.
Am intending to try the D-I-Y Liese Bubble Hair Dye.
Have not dyed my hair for ages mansssxxx!
The last time I had coloured hair was before I went into Girls' Home.

I had those "AHLIAN" bleached gold locks that were hot!
And I actually looked like a Japanese -.-

Oh yeah,speaking about Japanese.
I just realised that I have Japanese blood in me.
As in I am 1/4 or 1/2 Japanese (:
That is so cool right ?
You see,my great-grandparents are born in Syonan-to (In Japan)
In other words,they are Japanese.
And my grandpa is Japanese than ?
Hahas. I just found a few days back when I saw my late grandpa's birth certificate :D

Oh yeah,I got digressed there.
Please click on the link and you would see the different hair colours.
And could you tell me which hair colour is suitable for me ?
Tag me on my tagboard,or facebook or plurk. Whichever.


Thanks !!

And I am thinking if i should start to vlog ? I think it's kinda interesting !!

Till then (:

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