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Friday, October 02, 2009

I chanced upon this short text in the novel I am currently reading & I find it rly meaningful so Im sharing it here (:

Here goes:
Can The Three Little Pigs story be without the Big Bad Wolf ?

"Let's see now..... There's a house made of straw. There's a house made of sticks.
There's a house made of bricks. What happens next ?
Do they form a residents' association ?
Sorry,sweetheart,the story dosen't really work without the Big Bad Wolf."

Why dosen't it work?Because all stories are about crisis.Yours.Mine.The guy sitting opposite you in the train as you're read this.Everything's narrative,after all.And all the narrative-all stoytelling-confronts a basic truth. We need crisis: the anguish,the longing,the sense of possibility,the fear of failure,the pining for the life we imagine ourselves wanting,the despair for the life we have.Crisis somehow lets us believe that we are important; that everything isn't just of the moment; that, somehow, we can transcend insignificance. More than that,crisis makes us realise that like it or not,we are always being shadowed by the Big Bad Wolf.The danger that lurks behind everything.The danger we do to ourselves.

But who,ultimately,is the mastermind of our crisis?Who is the controlling hand?To some,it's God.To others,the state.Then again,it might be the person you want to blame all your griefs: your husband,your mother,your boss. Or maybe- just maybe - it's YOURSELF.

Quoted from the novel,Temptation by Douglas Kennedy.

On a lighter note,I am going to attend someone's ROM tmr.
Also,there is Cell group ( A new beginning)
And Sunday there's Baby Janelle's 1st month.
So many bithdays plus my own.



As I am going to be very busy,I wanna use this post to wish all October babies a..


Happy birthday to Kelly Toh,Benjamin Lee,Elaine Liu,Carolyn,Aracia,Fang Yu,Jiayang,Weng Lok and... myself (:

this october.
(Sorry If I missed out anyone :/ )

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