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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

My English Prelim Exams are tomorrow.
Am mugging right now..

It's teacher's day today !! >.<

I wanna thank all of the amazing teachers in my life.
Am filled w gratitude towards yr earnest teachings (:
Esp Miss Junice Chia & Mr Tan Kay Chuan.

Celebrated Amanda Phua & Samuel Ng's birthday ytd.
Was so exhausted after everything.
Was in my PE shirt th whole day rushing everywhere...
But Im glad that they're happy.

So many August Babies.
Decrease in $$$$$$.

Financial Blessing pls.

I went jogging w James just now.
What an ass.
He is sleeping like a dead log now -.- & he claims to be so fit.

Claria,James,James's dad,Weng Lok and my 1 year anniversary w James is coming next month.

At times when I am left alone to think abt stuffs by myself,I ask myself whether being w James is the right thing.
It has been a year.
So many stuffs happened.
So many smiles,so many tears...
So many ups & downs.
All the effort to mk everything right.

Unfortunately,over and over again,I feel unappreciated.
I told myself to stop trying,to just let things be.
Don't try to mend anything.
Leave everything alone....
Why? Why do I keep giving chances over and over agn ?
Am I too nice or am I too demanding and unreasonable ?

BUT does he rly know what I want ?
Does he rly know what kind of love i rly want ?
I don't know.

Sometimes I rly wanna know-If I'm rly yr priority,what is priority?
It is so hot & cold that several times I have felt like letting go & giving up.


I always wonder whether all the promises that he had given me,when are they going to come to pass?

Why do all plans always get dragged & dragged ?

Being single is not a bad thing.

At times like this,I always hear this loud cynical voice in my head saying :

Sometimes I just wished the world would leave me alone but the problem here is I just can't seem to leave the world alone.

It takes time for YOU to realise just how much I have done.

How I really want to be APPRECIATED.

Behind the glamour.

Who says a wayward kid will stay wayward forever? ™
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