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A lil quick update.
Monday, September 07, 2009

Alrights,let me do some speed blogging...

Hv been super busy mugging,gng church.celebrating BIRTHDAYS !! & visiting babies.

Firstly,I wanna thank my very beloved classmates,Amanda &n Guoming for accompanying me on an adventure ytd t tht freaky place :D
They were my heroes.
I couldnt hv went to tht place ALONE x)
Had a great time w them !! & the not so manly Guo Ming was funny too.
Told him to protect me when I was withdrawing money, Lol.
Anw,I can't divulge whr I went yet but I will soon *vry mysterious right?*
Its a secret between me.Manda & Guoming.
They are rly nice ppl you know & we chatted quite alot ytd.

My pretty friend , Amanda Phua (:

Her *Ah Lian* side. Hahas !!

& also my not so protective friend, Guo Ming.
He is not a speaker bt he is a nice guy too :D
Amanda said this photo could be 5A2's mascot.

This is a little hint to where I went :X
Some freakish incident happened BUT we managed to run away :)


Happy Belated Birthday to Samuel Ng & Annabelle !

Samuel Ng treated me,James,Benjamin & Damien to Sakae Sushi.
Had a buffet. Was super bloated aftr tht.

Some shots taken on the day we celebrated Amanda Phua's Bday :D

Jason,James,Benjamin & Damien.

Benjamin,Damien,Adam & GuoMing.

Chomp Chomp :)

Happy Belated to my Annoying but Lovable Cousin.
Giggs Wee Chun Yee , Happy 10th Birthday !

Uncle,Cousin & Aunt.


Baby Fedora Quek Yu Xuan !! This lil cutie is my bff's baby.
Actually we dont call each other bff,we call each other Blood :)
She's none other thn Aelda Quek Fang Yu.
She's just given birth to a small darling & I love them both loads.
Blood,stay strong alrights ?
I will always be a phonecall or text away..
Just like I've promised you.

Thanks James & Kenneth for accompanying to Marymount :)

See this ADORABLE little one.

& shots from Amanda's bday celebration day agn .

Jason.James,Benjamin,Damien(acting funny).Adam(smiley as always).Guo Ming & Kah Ming.

Kelly Toh,Hui Qi,Amanda Phua,Wan Er & Me (:

Wan Er,Hui Qi,Kelly Toh & Amanda (:

SS501 fans !



& I can't wait for the outing tmr.
Am having frog-leg porridge dinner w classmates tmr.
Am so looking forward to it cos I hv been YEARNING for it for ions !!

LOL. James is singing so off-key right now & his sister is gng to scotch-tape his mouth :D

& HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY CLARIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually I have some photos of the "Where Got Ghost" actors as I saw them at the Getai under my block but I am tooooo lazy to blog them up.

Till then,Love all <3

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