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Monday, September 14, 2009

Hello all !!

Here are the photos of some places tht serves reaaaalllly nice food.
Baby promised me like 1 year ago to bring me to Geylang for nice & cheap bean curd.
Finally,I tasted it.
& it is rly nice. Smooth,silky,cheap & yeah I recommend it to all of you.
Its at Lorong 19,Geylang.
You can just head down there to slack with yr friends over a cup of soyabean.
It is definitely better than Jollibean's or Mr Bean's .


I like cold drinks,so I'm happy drinking it cold :D
P.S : They don't have cold beancurd thr so yep !

& here comes the HIGHLIGHT !

F-R-O-G L-E-G P-O-R-R-I-D-G-E !!!!

@ Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 Block 528.

This,I also have been yearning it for like years.
Been pestering Baby like crazy to bring me to Geylang & eat it but Baby have not plucked up enough courage till LAST WEEK :D

He had it for the 1st time.
So did my classmate/monitor Baocheng !!
We enjoyed it a lot. It was nice,awesome & just deliciiioouuussssss !!!

This is Uncle Tay,he was harassed by a gay recently :X

Amanda Phua,our pretty friend.

Damien & look at Bao Cheng !! He was staring at the frog like fearfully.
His expression was like "Are we rly gng t eat tht?" o.O

That's Hub Chong & his girfr who's rly quiet
I guess she's shy (:


Will recommend more foodiiiies on my bloggiie soon.

Can be a food gourmet in the future x)

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