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Give me a BREAK.
Thursday, September 10, 2009

I am so sick & tired of everything.
I cant stand it any longer.

WHY ??

Why must you keep borrowing from loansharks ?
What is wrong with you?
What is the matter with you ?

All the money that Ah Gong has left you after he passed away,where has it gone?
Why is it missing now ?
We are talking abt 18k here.
Not 18bucks.
What the hell is wrong with you ?

You are a healthy 66 year old woman who shows no sign of senile dementia.

& yet again & again you are never sick of all this debts.
Repeatedly,your sons & daughters and ME helped you paid yr debts.

No sense of appreciation,no gratitude.

You never felt that you did any wrong..
You felt that all your children owed you a living.

This is the last straw.
I never thought that I would explode like this today.

My mom finally managed to get rid of all her loanshark debts.
She finally cleared it all.
Now,she is only slowly kicking the habit of buying lottery so fervently.

Buy why ? Why did you have to come back home scraming,forcing,demanding my mom to use her name to borrow from loansharks ?
I kept quiet but the more you all quarrelled,the more my anger rose.

Mom told you to take from your son and you said don't bother him.
Than why must you come and bother my mom ?
My Mom is not rich. Neither am I.
Or we won't be struggling through life every day.

Than why can't you wake up your senses and stop all this loanshark craps?
Nobody understands how yr 18k can just disappear.
Nobody understands why you can;t just kick this bloody habit.

I am sick & tired of everything.


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