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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Hello all !

I hate to blog at home cos thr is something wrong w th comp here.
I can't upload any photos here but I can upload over at boyfr's cribs.
Insane pls!
Anyway,I am feeling a little unwell today.
Gave school a miss.
Tried to recuperate at home but did not rest much.
All I did was study CHEMISTRY,the forbidden one :D
For like the WHOLE DAY.
From as early as 10am okay !!
Can you all imagine how much I wanna SCORE well for my O levels ?
I literally plunged myself into the ambiance of the book "Discover Chemistry",jotted notes & practiced questions in my workbook.
Gosh,I am trying SO hard.

SCIENCE OH SCIENCE,would you please seduce me,embrace me,make me fall in love with you?
I can understand that we are going through a communication breakdown right now & we do not have BASIC mutual understanding.

BUT !! I'm sure we can work things out. I just gotta understand you more.I wished you was responsive to me. I don't want this to be a one-sided relationship.Oh please,lets make this work alright? Let me hold yr hands & hug you. I want to acknowledge you as my love & go through every trials & tribulations w you.

Maths & Humanities,we gotta press on & hang in there alright?Although we are not the best of lovers now,I am sure we can fall head over heels in love w each other soon.If you really dislike me so much,I want to propose to you to just hang in there for 80+ more days & thn you can declare an official break up w me after that.I promise you.

Chinese,English & Art,you 3 hv been so devoted to me all through this while.Because you 3 bore me distinctions last year,I expect th same from you all this year.Please do not forsake me alright?I really hope that we will always behave like a married couple & stick w each other always. Cos you bring out th best in me like noone else can do XD

Friends,do not worry.
I am not about to go insane or be admitted into the IMH.
I jsut need to crap a little.
I studied the whole day & yet I am only at CHAPTER 3 :/
There are like 21 chapters in my Chemistry book & plus 20+ more from my Physics book?

Oh Lord,save me :(
I am sure you will stay by me & give me the strength and wisdom I need.
Jesus,I need you so much right now.
I have been praying so fervently everyday & just talking to you,Daddy Jesus,makes me feel so confident.
Thank You!

On a lighter note to end this wordy post....
Boyfr came over after school to pass me Homework,a bag of carrots,10 oranges(Vitamin Cs to build up my weak immunity,2 packets of gummy bears <3 !!
& also,he brought his Thai Oil along to massage my sore body that is aching all over.
I am aching like all th way down from my neck to my toes.


All I did for Nafa yesterday was Sit&Reach,Standing Board Jump and Shuttle Run.
But I know I did them quite a number of times as I was not satisfied w the results :X

I know that.
I have never praised him much when I blog but you know,he is really a nice practical chap.
I am not someone who will gush and weewaa on my blog abt my boyfr,saying things like I love him deep deep or some over zealous mushy stuffs.

But the one truth is that I do love him.

Thanks Boyfr,it was really sweet of you to come all the way to tampines to buy me stuffs.It was thoughtful of you to go search for guavas & kiwis although I did not like to eat them.Thanks for the 10 oranges,I know that you want me to get well quickly,thus,the 10 oranges :) I finished 3 already.Thanks for accompanying me to study & have my dinner.So sorry that my mood was a little foul while we were studying chemistry :X But overall,I am grateful for what you have done.

It reminds me of the period you came over my crib w like a dozen fruits & veggies while I was being pox-ed by chicken.

1/2 an hour to my forensic scientist drama,Channel 55 at 9pm!
It is an awesome show! Not some typical storyline.

and before I end this,I wanna say HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO CITY HARVEST !!
20 extraordinary years of hard work.
I am so proud of my church. (:
I enjoyed the celebration last Sunday so much.
It was worth waking up at 5am !!!

I gotta go now.
Back to give my Chemistry book a loving tender caress.

SAMUEL NG & CLARIA LIM,get well soon k!

Singapore is turning 44 soon & Pauline is turning 18 on the same day.
I need to chiong my Art like siao already mansxxzz.
Why do I keep being so random ? O.o


P.S: The photos in my phone are over-flowing & they are dying to be uploaded soon.
Will find time :D

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