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Friday, July 03, 2009


Pardon me for the irregular blogging status.I am seriously very busy.
First week of school & pooof,WONDER WOMAN in action again (:
Been studying...
& doing my Art.
I've started my first tuition session with Joseph,my cell group leader together with Samuel,Claria & Bi.
Had make-up CG on Thursday & Arts Fiesta on Friday night.
In all,this week was awesome.
Decentralized service at City Harvest today.
I had a rocking good time & I must admit,Hagen Chen the special guest today looked really HOT!
His songs are nice too!

Right now..I wanna thank God for the wisdom he gave me during my Nlevels period.Thank you Lord for all the strength you gave me when I stayed up late to study for all my subjects.Thank you for your protection against illnesses & your undying love for me when I felt down on days I was tired from all the studying.And with this award,I am sure that I am glorifying your name.Lord,Thank You.

I am shining for the world to see !!
& why is that so?
That is because Jesus is with me (:

& Grandpa,I hope that you are proud of me ! I miss you (:

Cycling ytd..
Changi Beach is super relaxing.
Went with Bi's family & mine.

& ta-dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :D


From all the photos,you can see that my eyes are really tired :(

There is a whole load of people that I miss :(

All my old friends from Xinmin Primary School to Serangoon Garden Secondary to Singapore Girls Home to Hougang Secondary & everyone I used to know.
Im feeling so nostalgic :(


Signing off,
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