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Condemning your family members.
Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blogspot is mad & thr is no way to upload photos.
I am beginning to doubt Blogger's capabilities.
Should I cahnge to some other blogging spaces ?

Anyway,I am feeling really sad.
Grandma screamed & shouted at me.
& we had an arguement.
I shan't divulge much.
All I can say is that she condemns the ones who stand by her,she condemns her own kins over money.
Material needs can never ever satisfy a person.

At times,I feel so strung out trying to make everyone around me happy.
What about myself ??
Does anyone knows what lies behind the wry smile that I wear on my face?
I am so not trying to act emo but who really really knows what happens in my life?
Like literally all that I have been through.
It is at times too much for me to handle,but still,I scrape through w the Lord holding on to my hands,slowly guiding me.

I am definitely challenged by this screwed up life.

Hope thr will be better days ahead.

Received news about Belinda's grandad just now.
& instantly,I thought of my grandpa :(

My beloved grandpa.
After you left,this family became so wired up.
We no longer have you to rely on anymore.
You was one of the best humans in my life.
& till eternity I will LOVE you.

REST IN PEACE Belinda's Grandpa.
You've left to answer the Lord's calling.

Replies to tags :

Celine MeiMei : Yeah,cycling is fun & they kept disturbing us about not knowing how to cycle :D Smack them ahh.
James : Love you precious!
Elaine : Relinked alrdy my dear.
Shona : My email is
Kathy : Yeah,He is so cute right ? :D
Claria : Alright,I will send you th photos sooonnn (:


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