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Thursday, June 04, 2009


I am here to update (:


It was crazy man, I tell you !
It like chased me up the stairs,I screamed so loud & than it turned around to chase Boyfr -.-
What a temperamental doggie.
Small but ferocious.
Anyways,the HOLIDAYS are here.
I repeat,HOLIDAYS :x but I don't feel like I am enjoying it at all.
I'm like going back to school every single day for extra classes & stuffs.
O levels' pressure is really biting into me.
I may not be blogging as regularly anymore. Maybe even for months.
This holidays I'm gonna work really hard & save up.
Also,I'm going to study really hard waking up @ 9am everyday.regardless of what time I sleep the night before.
YES! Jolene ROARS !!!!
I failed my Mid Year Exams :(
I have to really buck up on my Maths (which I have been trying for infinities ) , Science & Humanities.
& I'm really behind on my Art. ( I don't know what to do !! )
Some people laughed it off when I say I want to get 6A1s.
Mummy asks me to stop dreaming :(
I believe that If I try really hard & push myself to the limits,It is possible.
I shall stop typing,I'm terribly hungry now.

Here are 3 entertaining videos for my readers (:
Celebration @ Eugene's Home.

Eugene's powerful BIG mouth :D

Celebration @ Green.

Mid Year Disaster :(

Do you all know what's my Boyfriend's hobby ?
This 2 photos shows it all :x

Liu Family's Chalet.

Aloysius & Jason actually tortured the crab alive :x
Tickled it & poked its eyeballs.
Damn sadistic right ?

I confess I am a Mahjong-Fanatic !! (:

Baby's first time eating subway :)

I'm yearning for it now :D

Jason the cleaner.

Eugene The Birthday Boy.

Clique .

Samuel & Milissa.

Aloy & Carolyn.

Liu Brothers.

Photocopy faces.

Big mouth & Big Nose.

SWEET 16th,

Went jogging with Baby last week.
I even climbed 15flight of stairs :x WONDER SNOW !

Surprised Eugene @ Green (:

The birthday card I made for him.

Baby's first time eating ThaiExpress.

Careers Day.


Stomach is growling.
Bringing Grandma out later on.

P.S : I wanna go catch Manchster United live in Kuala Lumpur.

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