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Monday, June 29, 2009

Hello all,


School started like quite late today as everyone had to queue like crazy at the field for temperature taking exercise.It was like a scene from the Singapore Idol Auditions.


However,I had quite some fun cheering for AYG today.
School ended early & I had studying session with Bi.
We were supposed to start studying at 1pm but I actually fell asleep !?!
Till 3.30pm?! I did not realize that I was THAT tired after all.
Managed to do a bit of my English Homework & I headed home when the dark clouds arrived.
(Speaking of English Homework,I gotta go do it after this :x )
Okay,I got digressed there.
The main reason for my happiness is that I am an award-holder of 2awards this Friday in school during Arts Fiesta !!!!



I am going to receive an award for GCE N LEVELS OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE AWARD &

WOO,I am looking forward to Friday & tomorrow.

I <3 school !! Dedication to MJ. King Of Pop,Farewell & Rest In Peace ~ I must say,I am someone who never much bothered about Micheal Jackson when he was still alive.His slanders,rumors,news and even his songs.I must admit that I was never a fan of his even the tiniest bit :x

Than came 25th June 2009,I was sitting on my sofa with my Bi watching Chinese MTV when suddenly I saw this headlines flashing through saying MJ died of cardiac arrest the night before. So I went like...

Me : Eh Bi,Micheal Jackson died already.
Bi : Haha,Fake one la .. Must be someone playing a prank.

So I switched to English MTV & my Bi read the English headlines & we both stared at each other.

Me & Bi : Why so sudden ahhh ?

All the controversy and buzz about him started grabbing the headlines and we were in turn tempted to know more about him.Off we went to Sogou to download his songs and I must say,He is indeed the King Of Pop.His songs are extremely nice.They strike directly to the innermost spaces of your heart. I am especially in love with one of his hits, "Heal The World" This song is very touching and it totally warms the heart when you listen to it. I am going to have it in my mixpod soon.

I guess that even though all the buzz & hype on his death will soon fade away, he is truly a great performer who will always be remembered.


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