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Awesome Weekend -
Monday, June 08, 2009

Hello all,

My weekends were fabulous & awesome ! Hope everyone enjoyed theirs too (:

6th June 09.
Had Cip at Tampines West Area.
Everyone was really nice & I had an awesome rocking time with my classmates!
Am blessed that I can give others a blessing and help those HIV infected children.
I am considering whether to be a full-time volunteer someday.


Miss Chia, My beloved form-teacher for the bubble tea & Kfc treat.
You are a wonderful teacher !

7th June 2009 Sunday.
Service was great !
Had karaoke session at bedok after Service.
Went to Tiong Bahru for "Bak Kut Teh" at dinnertime.
Headed to town afterwards.
Oh man ! I have finally fulfilled 3 of my wishes !!
My phone bills are cleared.
I'm going for rebonding TOMORROW ! (:
I have bought the Mp3 I want !!
Financial blessing (:
Daddy Jesus loves me !!

Here are th photos, Enjoy !

I just realised 2 of my very good friends are GAYS :x
Samuel & Eugene :X

Replies to Tags :

Eyla : Haha! I can't even find my size for the jersey! :D
vveijie : Thanks for dropping by (:
Shona : Wawa,I've linked you ! & I miss you truckloads toooo !!
Tracia : Hello ! How have you been ? Do meet up sometimes okay ?
Kenneth : Jiayou in your studies too ! :) See you around.
Amalina : I've linked you (:

Snow is trying her best to be wonder woman,struggling with the battle against fatigue everyday.
More & more people are calling me wonder woman :x

Take care all !

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