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Wonderful Weekend -
Monday, May 18, 2009

OPENING PHOTO : Unglamorous Snow trying t be a rock-chick :D

Sigh , what can i say ?
We seem so stable on the exterior but I seriously don't hope much for the future anymore.
I don't want the love between us to be just a facade.
I want the PAST romance we used to have.
If it's true that our honeymoon period has passed,than what we're having now is not LOVE at all.
That is so because in my opinion,TRUE LOVE bears no such rubbish as honeymoon period.
It's just crap !

I always end up so utterly disappointed.
& in tears :(
Tomorrow is our 8th month anniversary.
What lies ahead for us ?

!7th May 2009 Sunday -

Went for service .

JASON !! Can you stop being late ?

I don't like to miss praise & worship... Gotta wake you up at 7 next time.

After service w Reverend Kin from Korean (she's sooo cute esp the way she exclaimed "Hallelujah") ...
Yeah anyway,after service,we had fellowship & celebrated Joseph's birthday.
Gave him a huge surprise (:

After that, I headed to Tampines to meet my mommy.
Went to fetch the little rascals from Hougang.
Brought them to Suki Sushi @ Hougang Plaza.
We had a sumptuous meal indeed !!
I treated them to Gelare's ice cream after dinner.

All of us were over the moon !


This is Julian who has not gotten a haircut for 2months =.=

Loving Family .

Mummy, Russel & Julian.

Mummy & Julian.

Mummy & Russel.

Samuel & Joseph (:

Yours Truly~

Rewind back some days ago.
I saw this mother who was trying so hard to carry her poor daughter home.
Her daughter"s ankle was sprained.
Eunice helped to carry her while Pauline carried the girl's bags & stuffs.
I was so useless :x
I did nothing but took photos.
But hey, I had no strength okay !

Pauline The Heroine.

Very touching motherly love (:

I kissed a PIGLET & I liked it !

-The Muay Thai Heroes...
complimentary half-naked bods.

JAMES THE MORON & his idol.


16th May 2009 Saturday.

Brought Giggs,my very naughty cousin to Cell group.
He enjoyed himself a lot !!
N415 rocks to the core man.
I never get bored @ cell group,everyone is great fun!
After cell group,we played Amazing race.
Although my team lost,we had so much fun & excitement.
& after all the perspiration & the grueling hike all over Hougang,
we had our barbecue over at Regent ville Condominium.
I ate quite a lot & it made my chest so stuffy and choked at the end of the day.
Too heaty i guess :D
Boyfriend & Jason came for the barbecue :)
Boyfriend said everyone was friendly !!!!
Reached home around midnight :X

Amazing Race shots.


& afterall ....

I still forgive you James (:
Partly it's cos I love you and also because everyone has flaws.
I know everything that happened made me really cynical &
you will have to strive much to make everything rosy and loving again.
I will continue giving my best as a girlfriend.. & the rest i will leave it up to you.

Today the Bible taught me this ..
[ Matthew 5:48 ] "Therefore,you shall be perfect,just as your Father in Heaven is perfect"

Daddy Jesus, I want to be more like you. Teach me how (:

Love all.

P.S : I had mahjong w sebastian & co today.
& i lost like crazy :x

Tomorrow im having my science paper 1 & you know what ?
I need to go to school for like only 30minutes !!!

Hougang Secondary sure succeeds in wasting my time to travel all the way from Tampines.

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