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Sunday, May 17, 2009

16th May 2009.


Ahgong. Firstly,I Miss You. I miss you so much tht i will pray every night for you to come to my dreams. I wanna see you so badly. I don't want the image of you on yr deathbed haunting me.. But whatever memories tht always comes to my mind,Im just glad to have a granfather like you. You was the best person in my life,and you still are. You meant so much to me but my actions couldnt prove it as i was too embarrassed to do so. I am sorry ahgong. I have never brought you out to celebrate your birthday for you before. Neither did I give you a kiss,a hug or even tell you I love you. I did not have enough courage to do so. & now i am filled w regrets. All the love tht i had wanted to give you,Im now showering it on Grandma. Hoping that I can make up for the past. Why was I so bent on enjoying life as a juvenile delinquent and took you for granted? When you drove on yr motorbike and fetched me all the way from Tampines to Serangoon Garden Sec, what did I do ? I played truant. When you gave me money to pay my school fees,I spent it all away on booze,ciggarettes & drugs. What was I thinking ? Why oh why was i such an ingrate,such an unfillial brat. Only when I gained my freedom after Girls home did I begin to shower you w love. But by then it was all too late. God took you away from me as he loved you too much. But still,I don't bear to lose you. It hurt me so much when i saw you suffering in the hospital. I hope you forgive all my wrongs in the past. I've never stopped loving you.

My dearest grandfather, I always will.


I brought durian fudge cake for you & left it at the altar.

Had a hide and seek race w a flying cockroach just now.
Its still somewhr in my hse.

Cell grp was great tday !!
So was the bbq aftermath.
Will upload th photos soon.
Plus complimentary photos of my boyfr'a half-naked body.
Heeheehees (:

Need to go koonzzzz liao.

Service tmr !


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