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Astounded -
Friday, May 15, 2009

WHO or WHICH person used my name SNOW & thn tag my

own tagboard -.-

When i saw my own name,

i was like wth ?

Anyways, thanks to those who tagged me to cheer up.

[ Ilona , Samuel Jbl & Kathy ]

*smoochhhh .

I'm fine (:

I just needed to rant :D heehees.

Afterall, I still love my Mum =P

I'm so exhausted now,

esp after rushing my Art for SA1.

My fingers are crying from all th colouring.

& im off t bed now.

P.S : Having bbq after cell group this week. WEEEEE ~

P.S.S:Having Sushi dinner w brothers & mom on Sunday .

Double WEEEE ~


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