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Saturday, May 09, 2009


While working , I saw this

beautiful place .

Super nice !!

& romantic too ..

Took a photo of my Mummy Dearest .
& i hereby wish her ...


DAY !!!!!!!!!

Mummy , I LOVE YOU !!

Are we alike ?

There's this ulcer thts infected my mouth & no matter
how much salt or bonjela medicine i apply on it ,
it still wont go away :( :( :( it hurts me terribly .

And anyway , Babydarling & me went for an adventure ytd . 3 hours of walking !!!!
Went Mother's Day gift shopping .
Firstly , Headed to Defu Lane 6 to get mummy-in-law's present .
A chiropedic pillow to cure her stiff neck & back pain .
Must be wondering why i had to travel to Defu Lane right ?
Its because i went to the bedding company tht i was working for to get it .
UENO (: its a good bedding brand.

We walked for like an hour cos we couldn't find our way :x
We walked from Defu Lane 10 to Defu Lane 6 ...
Got scammed by some ppl & bangalas :x

After getting the pillow , we went to Hougang Mall .
Searched 2 hours for the boots tht i wanna buy for Mummy.
Couldn't find it . So decided to buy for her when she goes out w me.

I bought Bird's Nest for Babydarling's Grandma ,
And he in turn bought Bird's Nest for my Grandma .

The pillow (:

Some i dk what things tht we saw at Defu Lane .

The office tht we searched High & Low for =.=


w muchloves frm th girl who wants to write her book nw !!
I've decided to write my book soon.
SUPPORTS from anyone ? (:


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