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Thursday, April 02, 2009

1st April 2009.
Happy Aprils Fool !
Pranked my whole contact list tday :x
To those tht i said yr face makes me sick, I din mean it okay (:
Pardon my naughty-ness (:
& to those who thought i was really pregnant :x
Haas. Sorry, i was just playing a prank.
Forgive me earthlings, i just wanna make you laugh.
& to those who said i was lame,*bo liao* etc..
Whatever tht flows yr boat okay ???
Im not affected, I was just in th mood to be a joker .
Sch has been really happening !!
Everyone's like clowning around alot.
We were given some coasters for dengue fever thingy &
guess what my classmates did w it ?
They tried to be some ironman or superman ?
I laughed till i had a tummyache :x
I've got a video to share too.
Do view it (:

31st March 2009.
wee~finally of legal age :D
This is Damien,aka th Ironman.
Buddy,be strong. Things will turn out fine (;
Just believe (:
I'm here for you yeah !!!!

& this is Samuel Ng. Mr J.B.L .

My buddy too (:

They both bring laughter to my life.

& they always manage to screw all the boredom away !

Thank you both !!

=.= I made this for Boyfr.

He wanted me to do it. for his room door i guess ?

5A2 (:

Have been busy w sch.
Am feeling quite tired this few days.
Missed sch on Tues due to terrible migraine :(
Caught "Unborn" on Wednesday night w
Boyfr,Carolyn,Aloysius,Ivan,Jason & Eugene.
Ivan was so funny !!
Kept hiding behind his hands. Laughs !!

Gave it 6/10 ?
The effects were shocking bt movie kinda short =.=

Saturday 28th March 09. Saturday.

Went to work. Tagged w Kenneth.
After work,Boyfr & co headed f gathering w his friends :x
Thn Carolyn,Jason,Eugene and me headed for pasar malam.
Thr was no sharks fin soup :( So Jason suggested gng t Hg Ave 8 for
dessert . & th good thing is, it's F.O.C .
i dk who paid for it,but thanks anyway !!
Jason bought durian & we went under Reuben's block to slack.
Laughs. I took a video of how Jason ate th durian.
It was gross bt super hilarious !!
Do watch th video eh ?? :)
Boyfr & co came soon after.
Had supper after tht. Left for Baby's crib around 4 plus :x
ZzZzZzZzZzZzZ .



Working w Damien tmr (:

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