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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Missed me ?? (:
I'm back to my poor abandoned bloggie.
Th bad news is Babydarling's sold his phone away so i hvn got an adapter nor a Usb cable to upload my photos :( so sorry. (currently @ his hse )
Sigh, will upload once i'm able to alrights ?
Aniwaysssssssssss, Nothings much been happening.
Yeah, i know , my life is B-O-R-I-N-G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Been really sick, & had a few major tiffs w my boyfr :(
Im still waiting f him t change bk t my prince James.
I know he deserves chances bt he makes me so mad sometimes.
Haas. Shinjuku incident was great. Bt kinda lengthy.


suffered from gastric pain after th movie , felt so much like dying :x was supposed to L4D but couldn't make it.

THANK YOU JBL BUDDY for th gastric meds~love chu.

After tht, rested in th living room while boyfr & co played their WWE cards. Yeah, they play tht. Can you believe it ? Xiaokenneth showed me magic tricks, Babydarling should learn it & go scam other girls. LOL !! Th next day i was down w Gastric Flu :x It's like what th hell ~ Missed school on monday.Manifesting w Gastris juices at home.Nausea was th worst feeling :(

Tuesday & Wednesday was in school , on my best behavior !! :)

Thursday, fainted in th morning . I dk becos of what. Serious. Babydarling bombed my phone w several calls . I felt so sad,i fainted f an hour + and noone knew :( Am i tht unloved ? So missed sch agn. But worked in th evening w damien and samuel. Sales was not good :(

Was supposed to hv a movie date w moron james bt he was too tired so he decided to give me aeroplanes :D (nt many ppl will understand wht i'm saying :x ) So,i thn wanted t bring my cousin Giggs to th library t study bt it was closed. Returned me library books & thn off to th NEW shopping mall - TAMPINESE 1 ..
It was superly crowded. & i squeezed like an insane woman, worried my cousin will get lost. Spent like 10bucks in th arcade.Mostly f mahjong games :x Thn off we went to buy Takopachi & Hotdogs. Tht was my lunch. Giggs wanted t catch a movie bt i was like broke so headed home. Thn dinner @ home & off t work.
Im feeling happy tday, hving a peaceful mood (: but i kept irritaing th socks outta my baby. HAHAHAHAHAHAS !! im lovin' it.
& after work, went green for L4D w JBL buddy,Shihao & Baby.


MY BABY IS A SCAREDY-CAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He runs away to hide when th rest of us are charging at th zombies.

& after tht played pool w Baby. I lost =.=
I'm a total noob.

Left green arnd 3 due t a very bad stomach-ache.
& my naughty baby says i walks w a hunch-back when im having a stomach-ache. He says its cute =.=

Right now,im waiting f him to finish forming his oh-so-powerful deck of wrestling cards & after tht im gonna hit th sack.

love all.

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