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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Helloooooos ! I've been busy so pardon me for th lack of updates

Wednesday 15th April 09.

(:Anyways, lets backtrack. Hmmmm,missed sch tday as i was late.

Thanks to Mr Liu Jun Hong,James. I left home so early t surprise him,thn in the end...

Waited so long f him under his block.

Ended up went point for Mac.

Green for Self-study. ( I actually studied 7chapters of Physics )

Thts like so :o right ?

Thn back to Baby's house.

He is taking a nap now =.=

Baby studying...

Cute (:
He was trying to mk me laugh after making me pissed -.-''

Tuesday 14th April 09.
Gave cousin tution.
Babysitted him.

Monday 13th April 09.

Had this very boring STRETCH English programme after sch.
Went point w Baby to shop f groceries.
Cooked Italy Noodles and my special dish f his family + Jason.
Chicken cocktail wrapped w Bacon.
Was so full =D

It was rather oily bt still superb !
Baby loved it !

Did this graffiti out of boredom :x

Sunday 12th April 09.

Baby and me woke up around 9plus.
Prepared and Baby sent me to Expo to meet up w Samuel,Jbl.
Attended Easter Service at City Harvest.
WOW is th only word i can describe it.
Service was fun & interesting too..
Met new friends,Karen,Clarence,Lester etc.
They are very friendly and great peeps,
Thank you Mr Jbl for bringing me to CHC.
After fellowship at T3,Changi Airport,
I left to meet up w Boyfr & co for movie.
Aloysius's brother,Thaddeous is superly cute!!
Caught this. 7/10.Bit giddy :x Too many flashing lights.
Power trip halfway through th movie :x
Golden Village , tsk tsk tsk.
I forgive you thou,Accidents do happen :P

Samuel th dinosaur :D

Th camera does nt like Jason's face :X

Head-banging fun .

He looks just like aloysius (:

Retarded right !!

Good friday shopping w cousin :D
At tampinese 1.
It was uber-crowded.

felt emo :x
was gng through a down period w James.

My Cute Boyfren.

LAVAROCK,located at Hougang Ave 8,Block 683.
Its a MUST-TRY. Cheap & delicious !!!!

Expired photo w Mr Jbl.

hope you like this edited snapshot of you & aloy.

P.S : This 2 lovebirds share th same anni date w me & James :D

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