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Who Let The Dogs Out ?
Saturday, March 07, 2009

This is for the person who harassed me yesterday (:
[[ +6583714418 ]]
She.. Ya It's a 15 YEAR OLD Girl. She texted me asking me " Who Am I ?"
So i was like.. "Huh?You texted me & you're asking me who am i ?" Thn tht girl replied "Faster la who you" So i was rather pissed off by her tht she was ordering me around when she was th one who texted me first. Babydarling called her & asked her what breed was she & whether was she eating pedigree =.= thn she scolded me things like coward,f**ing loser & bit*h.. i was rld mad at her. So tgthr w jasmin.we called her up. Kept arguing w her & all she can do was spew vulgarities & kept saying "than?than?" =.= haas. what a laugh xD she sounded just like a small little girl who's trying t be a wannabe. HAHAHAHS !! So jasmin & i was so glad t come across an obedient little dog. Who barked when we wanted her to. GOOD DOGGIE !! (: cheers. I feel so sad for her cos i told her tht she was just a pathetic shit-filled face who was depleting th world's resources & couldnt even understand my english as she was too low-class :x oopps. was i too mean ? owells,th thing is she came here t offend me first. she's just a stranger & i dont even know her .. Continue eating yr pedigree Girl !

WOOF ! ** xD

P.S : Thanks for all who showed their concern (: Im touched !!
Boyfr,Celine,Pauline,Eugene,Marilyn,Jasmin,Samuel Ng,Darryl,Jia An etc..
Love my mummy to bits & pieces.
Thank my aunt f th Barley water.

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