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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

When you have accepted yourself,you do not require th acceptance & approval of others.

The cold reality is tht everybody is wearing a mask in front of you.

Hello everyone. Im here to update. Nothing's much been happening recently. Went for Eugene's court on Monday. Spent like half th day at Subordinate Court =.= was so beat cansxx ! Th case kept dragging liie dk whats. & i did a randomt hing tht day. I walked t Chinatown peoples's park plaza & went t checkout a Singtel shop. Asked th Salesperson abt C902, in th end he intro-ed me this W595 & i fell in love w it.. & so... I bought it !! LOL ! like so random right ? Its like so all of a sudden, i just sold my k770i away & thh bought this. Bt i love th phone so yeap ! (: ZZZ. I feel so mundane on wkdays cos thr's nth much t do during wkdays. Just sch & stuffs, Th same old things. Haas xD Aftermath,Baby & I caught "Kung Fu Chef" togther w Aloysius & Carolyn. Movie was not satisfactory. Gonna catch "Let th right one in" next !!
Carolyn , VAMPIRES !!!! :D :D
Oh yah,received my glossy leggings frm Carolyn ~ althou its kinda a bit long, I like it !
Am finding an occasion t wear it =)
Am feeling a lil off-colour recently,mayb due t th weather =( & also th lack of sleep.
I cant wait f th weekends t arrive, I wanna go do facial !!
Zzz, I have some expired photos bt they're w Baby,will upload them soon.
I wanna meet up w Nadya & Marilyn soon. They owe me dates =D

expired photo :x

Stole this photo from Eunice's phne tday =.=

Boyfr looked rly fugly :x
In this photo,we weren't together yet =D haas!!

Gave Esther her birthday pressie tody & thr's no doubt she loved it !
Althou she hated Boyfr's face :x Lol.


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