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Friday, March 06, 2009

Poor Snow has been struggling w high fever & body aches th past few days :( & so last night, i felt so much like dying. Was veh uncomfortable & my head was pounding away :( I almost fainted :x so in th morning mom was heartbroken t see me tht way so she took me t th hospital :x cabb-ed dwn t Kk's Woman Hospital & thn realised we couldnt consult any doctors thr as they were all gynaes =.= Pathetic ! So we trained to Outram Park & headed for Singapore General's Hospital .. Th hospital was so big ! was dead beat trying t locate th A&E area. Went to th outpatients clinic to check bt couldnt register cos we needed a letter from our family doctor =X what th hell right ? Imagine if i was actually dying, i still hv to look here & thr. So off we went t th A&E. They screened me & i was put into isolation :X damn scary canns ! So th staff nurses ask me numerous qns & thn th doctor came. So yup, im diagnosed w Chicken Pox :( :(
ZZZ. i will die of boredom isolating myself at home for a week :( & i cant eat anything much :( everything has t be light & all. Rly vry pathetic ! & my form tcher wnt t tell th whole class :x sad. When i told Boyfr tht im confirmed hving Chicken Pox,guess wht's his reply ?
" Wah Heng !! " yup,thts wht he replied cos we were suspecting it t be dengue fever :X bt luckily (heng-heng) it was just chicken pox -.-"

-won't be meeting Babydarling f a week ++
will be missing you like a mental~
-won't be gng t school.
will be missing classmates & tchers ~
-won't be gng t wrk.
will be missing my weekly cashflow ~
-wont be up for th creative writing competition tday :(
will be missing th first prize :D

ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO COME VISIT ME ? xD haas. i know you're all scared outta yr wits t do so right ? xP im just kidding yeah ? Please do entertain me on Msn,or text me or call me too ? Cos i'll be bored to tears seriously :(

I'm getting really DEPRESSED !! :(

Tht's wht i ate f breakfast tday :( No appetite
for anything :( & i cant eat so many stuffs if i dont wan
those pox to cause scars on mybody :(

In isolation room :x


Th bill was OMG man !

Look at this horrible stuffs & th worse
is i hv t finish them :X

toodles *

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