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March Hols.
Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cobwebs hv been growing all over my blog :x
& to prevent it frm rly rotting,here's th recent ...

20th March 2009. Friday.

Met Marilyn & her boyfr @ Marina Square.
Tgthr w Mummy & Babydarling,we had
Celebrated Mum's Bday..
Babydarling bought me a wallet from TheWalletShop.
Tht's my anni present,THANK YOU! *smooch.
Btw,i made tht box of stars f baby f our anni gift,he loves it!
Left f Baby's home & thn WORK :/
Im hating my job more & more :(

19th March 2009,Thursday.
iloveyou (:

Stayed at Babydarling's the night befre.
Woke up & went home to get ready for the SPECIAL day.
Left home around evening :x
Had Yoshinoya at Plaza Sing.

Headed t Cathay for movie [PUSH] Gave it a 6.5/10.

Headed back to PS to meet up w Pauline & Eunice @ Daiso.
Left f Cineleisure. Had icecream & took photos :)
Did a sketch portrait & i love it !
Home-d (:

18th March 2009. Wednesday.
Tution-ed my cousin.
Went for facial appointment @ NewYorks Skins Solution.
Wasted trip :( cos i had chickenpox in th past 45 days -.-
No facial :(
Headed back Home,than work.

17th March 2009,Tuesday.
Ahzhu, old woman alrdy :x

Met up w Babydarling.
Had LJS for breakfast.
Went for Maths Remedial (; was late :x
Headed home,Changed.
Met up w Shirley @ Tamp Neighbourhood.
Received the purple top bought from her blogshop.
Zenfred is uberly superly KAWAII !!
Aftermath,went to work.

16th March 2009. Monday.
Rotted at home.

14th & 15th March 2009. Saturday,Sunday.
Rotted at home.

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