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Monday, March 09, 2009





Seriously i don know what to say or how to say things already.
You keep asking me over & over agn why am i replying you with one word msges, you know smthing is wrong bt do you bother to find out or do you just let it be ?
I don't see you mking th effort to rly find out what's wrong w me. & im going through a bad mood-swing wanting to rail out at anyone tht comes talking to me.
I'm feeling so frustrated tht i feel just like pulling all th hairs out of my head. Really,Seriously.
School's over.
What do you do? go home & take a nap? Than what about me?
Can't you take some time to give me a call asking me how am i ?
Or just give me a call telling me you miss me ? I'll be happy enough! But no, you yrself can tell me you do nothing ! & i see nothing !!!


I've been keeping quiet & now every single thing seems to get on my nerves.
I'm so affected by everything & you know why ???


Thr's no actions. No nothing.

I tell myself over & over agn nt to compare.
If i rly tk everything out t compare, I'll be reminding myself abt hw a certain ex-boyfr of mine wrote letters for me constantly,stood outside girls home for me screaming my name,stood outside during my parents visit even when he knew he couldn't see me just cos he was waiting f my letters & also to pass food to me.I was confined for 2months & for 2months,he did very unimaginable things. Very sweet,Very touching.We were seperated bt he tried his best to make me feel loved.

Thats why i was so hung up on him.

Its only a few days since i got th pox bt hw many times hv i received yr calls ?
Hw many times have i received yr text saying you miss me ?

maybe i'm too difficult to satisfy , is tht so ?

i somehow don't think so.

bt thn i think i deserve to feel loved. don't i ?

10 more days to half a yr anniversary =/

I won't giveup, i won't break down easily& i'll be strong if everything goes wrong!

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