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Thursday, February 19, 2009

hello [= was so busy w SUPERTEENS lately. bt still i enjoyed myself so much !!
SUPERTEENS was just so awesome !! i totally enjoyed myself mans !!
i enjoyed it so much tt i dun mind gng f another round ? hees. yeah. In this 3days,we laughed,we cried,we bonded rly well. Dr Ernest Wong showered th importance of fillial piety on us.Ken & Peter was hilarious.Superteens taught us alot of study strategies. By just a silly story, i now can rmb th impacts of globalisation so easily ! The strategies they taught us were super effective. Although my mom din come f th closing ceremony,it was nice t see my friends bonding w their parents,giving their parents a hug & all tt. Th whole scene was so warm !! & i bought Peter's book !! He's my idol man ! HE totally rock. I wanna become an author just like him ! (=
bottomline,i enjoyed it all. & i cant wait f th follow up im june !!! weee ~~

[[ P.S : Babydarling wans me t post this. HE became a steel rod ytd !! They lifted his body frm th floor & kept telling him tt he was a steel rod. Thn they carried a girl called Winnie from 5A1 t actually STAND on his body & nth happened ! HE din fall !! Cn you imagine tt ? Th they asked my classmate, Norman , a pretty HUGE size guy t SIT on my boyfr !!! & he withstood it !! Everyone called him IRONMAN aftr tht =.= hahas. ]]

Snow & Peter , my idol !
That's his book tt im holding in my hand (=

Snow & Ken. He is a funny man !!

Th food we makan-ed tgthr (=

jmes th retard boyf & cute Eunice !!
She's a legend !!

Breaktime (= Everyone's rushing f food !! [=

So serious copying !!

Half of heroine P,legend E & amazing Esther looking funny?

Eunice was trying her best t spew those 30words less thn 10seconds !!
She did it in 8seconds, awesone ain't she ?


=X i know i promised t post abt valentine's day bt -.- thn thr are tooooo many photos t upload and im pretty lazy bt sooon okay ??
soon i promise [= hees.
toodles !!

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