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Sunday, February 22, 2009


Im trying my very best t upload peekchers on Sports Day 2009 bt this damn thing just din allow any photos t appear=.= its irritating me mre & mre every second so i give up ! =( Im up at 930am in th morning & yes,tts a miracle cos i usually wake up in th noon on wkends. anw,i hate th internet so suddenly. Ugh. Suddenly i hv this strong feeling consuming me. Like i suddenly dont trust th world anymre.I got this inituition tt my Boyf is nt loving me th way he did like in th past & im feeling pessismistic abt alot of stuffs. I just hv this strong sixth sense & i swear its rly strong. Its trying t tell me abt smthing abt my Boyf. James, I hope this sixth sense is nt true.& if you've done anything behind my bk... Pls be honest w me. I just dont wish t think anymore. Its infuriating me! Ohgosh,whr's my SUPERTEENS spirit man? I injured myself last night & thr's a huge bump on my head nw. Mayb im hving some internal injuries causing me t hv all this negative feelings flooding my alrdy messed up mind. I shall nt blog anymre. Im off t studying nw t get my mind off all th negative thoughts tts engulfing me. Sighs, I've been thinking, are you sick of me alrdy? My family members are no better, Money is th roots of all evil. I prefer t leave this world alone.Sigh... i rly don wan 2009 t be like 2008. Somebody pls give me assurance,prove it t me. Im feeling rly nt good.

Should i STAY or should i GO ?
Is GOODBYE th only way f everything ?

Whr's Cinderella's HAPPY ENDING ?

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