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grandpa, missing you .
Friday, February 06, 2009

hellos. this is a cartoon of me (=
does it have a resemblance to me ?
credits t nadya, thanks eh !

anw, this post is t reminisce my lovely grandpa. who is none other thn

i've been missing him alot ever since th day he departed. i dont think i can ever mk do w th fact tt he's no longer arnd. bt yes.i know he's somewhere hurts tt my eyes will brim w tears when i see old men anywhr striking a mere resemblance w my grandfather.or when i see a vespa bike.or when i listen t some sad songs abt ppl leaving.actually everything reminds me of my ahgong =/ i cant bring myself t talk t him at th altar cos i will cry like thr's no tmr & i know tt he dosen't want tht. he wants me t smile,be happy,mk him proud bt my emotions always get th better of me.well yeah,i guess thr's no easy way t cope w his death.i loved him when he was alive & still i love him nw.i regret tt i wasnt able t give him th best when he was still here bt i hope tt somewhr anywhr tt he may be nw,i want him t know i made him proud w my Nlevel results.& i will mk him proud agn this sure i can do it becos i hv my grandad's deep love dwelling in me.he's th only male i look up only person tt has th defination of PERFECT.can you imagine i was once such a delinquent tt he would wake up so early in th morning & fetched me t sch on his vespa bike & when we reached upon th gates of Serangoon Garden Sec,i would scurry off & played truant.I took his love f me f granted.I was so naughty tt i din think w my brains.I wanted fun & i took his care f me as if it's no big deal.& i regret all those stupid hurtful questions.I am deeply remorseful.I was naughty f such a long time & i never learnt my ways.Even up till i went into Girls Home.Whenever i made a mistake,it was him,my grandfather tt would come visit me f Parents visit even though he was very angry w wht i did.It was Him tt would cancel everything & sacrifice it all just t come fetch me f Homeleave.Even when he was rushing late f work or sending some orders f his company,he would mk his way t Girls Home t fetch.Although it was hard f me t show my love f me through actions like hugging or kissing,i did love him more thn any kin i have.He gave me th fatherly love tt i have nvr experienced frm my dad or tt piece of jerk-junk step-dad.Words were little between us becos smtimes i felt tt he was rly stern & i don wanna say th wrong things.What pains me even more is that he would get drenched in th rain f me,just t be by my side.Other thn my mom,noone else ever sacrificed this much f me before.Grandma loves me too,i know.But as for grandpa.he didnt need t open his mouth.I can feel & sense his love f me just by everything he did.& i dk,i hv so much t say abt him..i can go on and on and nvr stp bt my tears are over-flowing frm my eyes & i dk hw t continue anymore. i rly rly miss him. everyday i head home & see his altar,my heart is filled w a sense of remorse,pangs of hurt & my lips wans t spill out endearments tt i should hv said t him long time ago.

ahgong , 我很想你 !没有你的日子里,我发现这个世界是一片空白。


Say HOTTIE everyone xD my grandad is one hell of a hottie when he was young.

So darn handsome can !!

those happier moments at my uncle's R.O.M .

you're always & forever in my heart.
& thr's no doubt if i could tk yr place in heaven,i would die for you <3

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