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Thursday, February 05, 2009

hellos everyone,
okay, lets backtrack (=

31st Jan 2009 .
Boyfr came t fetch me.
Ate Kfc.
Went visiting w Boyfr at Sembawang. His dk which relative's hse. Gambled,Lost !!
Celebrated Jayden's Birthday thn back Home.
Did a lil cam-whoring in th bus (= Hee.

30th Jan 2009.
Went t hv a sumptous dinner w Giggs,who is my naughty little cousin,Boyfr & Grandma (=

Sunday 1st Feb 09.
i rotted at home. cus th night before, i gambled my assets away =x
w my uncle's friends. They are mad, insane ppl.
They gamble w a huge stack of $50 bills !!
This guy, he lost $1000 ++ t mahjong, bt won it bk playing Blackjack w us.
Whr's my luck man ?
& thn sch on 2nd Feb .
CA TESTs =( on 3rd,4th,5th Feb .
English,Mother Tongue Im gonna be fine.
Maths, i tried my best .
Physics & Chem ............... i'd rather nt talk abt it .
cos thr's only this word t talk abt --------- > F.L.U.N.K !
th world is a saddening place w science. lol.
im nt excited f th results at all. really ~ im not.
& DAMIEN AW , you have to TRY or you'll never ever know !
don't say you can't cos negativity kills !
i'll be behind you all th way yeah ?
remember .... way back i used t say i will never ever get over tt piece of jerk-junk ?
but then , i DID !!
we just gotta believe !! whr's yr spirit dude ? :)
trust my words. you're nt a no-brainer, i think you know what t do deep down !
c'mon damien, go f it !!
this is a secret between us. fingers crossed , lips sealed !!
& so yeah, bk t earth ......
im gng t flunk flunk flunk.
i cant't wait f tmr's $10 million !!!!!!

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