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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Snow is here t update. Anw,here are th photos of Sports Day 2009.
I look kinda fugly in them bt its Sports Day yah ? Th sweat,th heat & everything..
Whats th point of being prim & proper right ? I saw class spirit and enjoyed myself so much screaming my voice hoarse f th runners.
Congrats Benjamin & Ziyang f th medals, & t those who ran f inter-class,you go guys !! (=
Anw, nth's much been happening recently.
School ~~~
Its been raining rather constantly this few days. & th thunder scares me.

Im dying t catch a few movies.
- Slumdog Millionaire
- He's just not tht into you.
- Kung Fu Chef
- & this muvee featuring Shu Qi & whatshisname=.=

Anw, Cross-country's tomorrow. & nope,i ain't gng. & Saturday is my grandpa's 100th day of death =( thr's gonna be so many stuffs t do.

pffft .... i wanna get a new phone ...... SOOOOONNN !!! my phne is so dying,on life-support machine currently =(

Im feeling sm kinda deception currently =( i dk hw tht feeling came abt bt its rly strong =( i suddenly realise tht i dun think i hv any true friends ? or real friends ? or smthing like tht. I just dk whts gng on abt ppl arnd me. Am i beind disillusioned ? Bt thn agn,maybe I can live a life w/o friends. Cos i dunt know who are th ppl i cn lean on except f my family & baby. UGHHH,forget i said anything -.-

Cafe cartell w them after Sports Day [=

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