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Wednesday, February 04, 2009


im currently very busy mugging f my CA tests at th moment so i dont rly hv th time t update my :(
im wayyy stressed manssx .
althou its just CA but i dun have much basic foundation about my Science :( thts rly bad.
today i made a lot of careless mistakes f my Maths paper. & im rly upset abt it cos i practised real hard.
nw im mugging f my Chemistry & y'know i feel like fainting !
i totally wanna give up on Physics. Mrs Deepa's teachings are a load of bollocks !!
Why ask us t stay back f remedials when all she does is tell us to memorize frm th textbook.
Srsly,why are trainee teachers being sent t Sec 5 ? We're desperate this year & look at th tchers we have.
I need t isolate myself soon. arghhhhhssxxz. im gng crazy soon.
any kind souls wanna bring me bk t life ?
promise i'll update w peekchers soon xD

mentally unsound :(

pulling my hair out of their roots.

screaming my lungs dry, HELLLPPP !!


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