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Sunday, January 04, 2009

31st Dec 2008 Farewell 2008 , I want a better 2009 .

I went t wrk tday , yeah !! wrking on new yr's eve. hw pathetic right ? lol. after wrk was supposed t head dwn t east coast park t meet up w my girlfrs bt i was unable to as i wrked till rly late. & i made my frens wait f me like dk what . =( bt elaine had no reason t be angry w me. cos like wht i said , go dwn t east coast just t slack ?? like so weird luhhs. and it was so far. i couldnt cab dere all tt . and elaine had her frens arnd , chanel had her boyfr . i was alone leh . if she's angry thn she's nt an understanding friend . so plans were changed . i headed t green . boyfr & others went t play billard . jason and i were bored outta our brains so we went t sing k . like nt so worth it t sing f a short while and pay so much bt we were too boliao =.= so yeah , sang till 3 & i went t elaine's hme t mahjong. won $27 . lol . thn im bk hme t sleep .

owells , i went to SENTOSA w hazel , julian & russel . my darling brothers . Boyfr din wanna go so din bother . i totally enjoyed myself !! even thou boyfr wasnt thr . Who says i cant enjoy without him ? lol . I live for me ! Hees. We went on th skyride and played th Luge game . It was damn fun luhhs . I even accidentally dropped Russel's Crocs slippers dwn th skyride . It was hilarious.

Shall let th peekchers do th talkin ' (=

this is th future integrated resort xD

i always reminisce , and i think of those ppl in th past who would do anything f me , ppl like my grandpa , my ex-boyfrs , ex-bestfrens. nw tt they're gone , i miss them . wondering why th past couldn't stay as it was . sighs ,

Goodbye Past , Hello Future .
Nth can go bk th way it was .


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