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Saturday, January 24, 2009

20TH JAN 2009


im sincerely sorry tt i wasnt thr f kgarden-ing bt still
i sincerely hope you like th gift [=
th very cute cake [=
mei juan & chanel.
them agn xD
th present frm CHANEL t ELAINE,
simply sooooo sweet , awwww ~
th treat frm SNOW for ELAINE [=

& lastly , a lovely photo t honour th great friendship tt we have.
however our friendship may change ,
i can assure tt you 2 darlings are always deep dwn in my heart.
mayb smthings just caused our frenship t get strained.
bt i'll rmb th good times [= whr thr was true frenship
& no behind th back stuffs. tt way,i will nt be sad yeah ?

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