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i felt so warm , i yearn f a family =/
Sunday, January 18, 2009

18th Jan 09
snow woke up super early tday cos was supposed t go on an outing early w boyfr & his family.
bt boyfr's mummy went t dye hair so we went out in th afternoon. headed t sim lim square t fix boyfr's phne. retarded cheena. thn went t Golden mile t hv Thai Food [= after tt headed t taka f shopping , ice cream & orange julius . i rly envy Boyfr's family . They're like so perfect , so warm , so endearing . I wished i had a family like tt. I never had been in a proper family befre. My biological father dumped me aside nt even rmbring he had a daughter. & my step father?
One hell of a jerk. Screw him & my real dad too. I rly feel so jealous tt boyfr's family is so wonderful. & im happy f them. They're so blessed. Me ? i just wish i can hv a family like this bt im born t hv th fortune t do so. =/ sighhs. enough of sad talk =( im dwn alrdy.
i upset myself =.= mental ~ shall head t sleep nw.

let th peekchers show you hw a perfect family should be [=

cam-whoring , lost $9 f mj !

th crowd outside taka , some band was performing.

orange julius .

candiiieeess .

expensive ehh ?

japanese candies & jellies >.<

look at th OMFG crowd.

Eugene & Celine [=

Promoting Venezia Ice Cream , Simply delicious !

Enjoying Ice Cream !

Shopping !!!!!!

Siblings endearment , Boyfr & Sister .

James Loves Celine !

Celine & Yours Truly [=

Boyfr sitting like an ahpek while waiting f me t
come out frm th loo.

i looked like a promoter wrking in takashimaya -.-

lmao =X

Boyfr , ily .

Mother & Daughter .

Brother & Sister .

Celine is adorable !

Im adorable too xD

Cute Siblings .
Oh shuckkkks , IM FEELING HUNGRY =( =( =( =( =(
bt boyfr is asleep leh .
jialats . gonna slp my hunger away =(
poor snow .

Behind the glamour.

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