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Friday, December 19, 2008

lets start w some cam-whoring first !


NLEVEL RESULTS TDAY !! Im so happy. Over-th-moon HAPPY !! 5points. Yeah,th feeling is oh-so-great !! I got such a shock when Mr.Ng told me that i was top of th class. AhGong would be so proud of me !! If he was still alive,he would surely be gng arnd his wrkplace telling his friends and colleauges abt my acheivements. He wuld hv been do very proud. I've proved myself t Gramps (= He would hv been very happy. Yeah !!


(= awesome !

Ready f Sec 5 !
After that near nervous breakdown at Hs. I went home t get ready t go CELEBRATE w my girls,Chanel & Elaine. Meijuan will nvr ever be considered my FRIEND ever agn or anymore -.- She simply does not give a damn and im nt gng t bother abt freaks like her -.- Anws,bt t th topic, I went t eat w Grandma & Mom first. We had seafood =D After tt bus-ed t Tamp Mall t meet up w my girls. Met them at th foodcourt & it was so packed. We had t squeeze like sardines. Thn off we we t t look f neoprint machines as Chanel wanted t take neoprints =.= Bt no machines were found. Haas! Left Tamp,bus-ed to Hougang Ave 3 & thn cabb-ed t Serangoon Garden. Went t Icecube t have desserts xP $11.90 for some 8 mini & i mean rly mini scoops of ice cream. Nt even value f money laas. Off we went t K-Garden t start our singing session till arnd 1am. Actually intended t supper bt noone said anything so cabb-ed home. In th end reached home feeling so hungry,had instant noodles w mom -.- watched tv f awhile thn off t bed ~ tt was my day & im a happy girl tday !! (=

All set t enjoy !

Seafood w Grandma & Mom !

Desserts w Mom,Chanel & Elaine.

CANDID shots of my Bosom pals .

Thanks f th LOVE !!


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