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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

i miss my kapo =D

hellos ! i woke up at 1plus tday -.- dk why i woke up so early either. slacked awhile at hme thn went dwn t eat w mom & grandma. thn off t wrk. th lorry was so damn full tday. i hadtu squeeze like madd mansxx. cramped up. after wrk chanel and elaine came over my home t stay over so i wont blog much. will be accompanying them, okays, i know my life is boring.

& yeah i wanna go clubbing !!!!

babydarlinq,i miss you so much you knw tt ? i hvn got t chat w you on th phne t ask you hw's wrk and everything =( cos you've been sleeping all th way. sad =(

tried t act a fool when i saw a ladder used t
hang clothes -.-

i won ten bucks on SCRATCHIT cards tday.
scratched like mad w my mum (=

i had sambal prawn rice tday. lols.

this 2 cans of drinks cost me $2.90 mans! bad economy!
its a no brand drink lors~


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